District Office
Dr. Chad Allaman, Superintendent
1301 Eagle Avenue
Washington, IL 61571
Phone (309) 444-3943
Fax (309) 444-9898

Central Intermediate School
Mr. Brian Hoelscher, Principal
1301 Eagle Avenue 
Washington, IL 61571
Phone (309) 444-3943
Fax (309) 444-3414
Absentees (309) 444-8212

Central Primary School
Mrs. Molly Kosbab, Principal
1400 Newcastle Road
Washington, IL 61571
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  Central School District 51 Staff Homepage

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Early Childhood
ECE  Mrs. Kendra Hartman -  Email
Kindergarten Staff
KA   Mrs. Lori Evans  -  Email
KB   Mrs. Melissa Widmer  -  Email
KC   Miss Jennifer Gilmore  - Email
KD   Mrs. Jami Brown -  Email
KE   Mrs. Jennifer Felix  -  Email
KF   Mrs. Sandra Clifford  Email

KG   Mrs. Kim Prina - Email


First Grade Staff
1A   Mrs. Mindy Toutant  -  Email
1B   Mrs. Julie Faulkner  -  Email
1C   Miss Lacey GleasonEmail
1D   Mrs. Tess James  -  Email
1E   Mrs. Shawna Kastl  -  Email
1F   Mrs. Stephanie Standish  Email


Second Grade Staff
2A   Mrs. Whitney Tockes Email
2B   Mrs. Carol Vallosio  -  Email
2C   Mrs. Diane Beard  -  Email 
2D   Miss Lindsay Grierson  -  Email
2E   Mrs. Julie Litkenhus  -  Email
2F   Mrs. Kristi Seckler  -  Email
2G   Miss Rebecca Hahn Email



Third Grade Staff
3A   Mrs. Kris Mertens  Email
3B   Mrs. Paula Sights -  Email
3C   Mrs. Kathy Hillegonds  -  Email
3D   Miss Lindsay Waibel  -  Email
3E   Mrs. Susan Hranka  -  Email
3F   Mrs. Barb Fritz  -  Email


K-1 Resource   Mrs. Lori Cunningham  -  Email
2-3 Resource   Miss Jamie Watt  -  Email

Title I Reading/RtI Interventionist
      Mrs. SuAnne Krick  -  Email

K-3 Computers  Mrs. Wendy Haight - Email  

K-3 Library  Mrs. Jean Escue - Email 

K-3 Physical Education   Mr. Joe Eells Email

Fourth Grade Staff
4A   Mrs. Brenda Crump  Email
4B   Mrs. Jane Woith  -  Email
4C   Mr. Paul Scott  Email
4D   Mrs. Susie LaBounty  -  Email
4E   Miss Stephanie Ramsey - Email
4F   Miss Samantha Rennau - Email


5th Grade Staff
5A   Mrs. Laurie Bailey  -  Email
5B   Mrs. Sarah Woolard  -  Email
5C   Mrs. Muriel Graham  -  Email
5D   Mrs. Angela Uftring  Email

5E   Mrs. Jamie Lowder - Email

6th Grade Staff
6A   Mrs. Christine McFarlane -  Email
6B   Miss Mackenzie Bell  -  Email
6C   Mrs. Erin Stewart  -  Email
6D   Mrs. Jessica Uftring  -  Email

6E   Mr. Scott Lawson  -  Email

4th-5th  Resource   Mrs. Whitney Axelson  -  Email
6th & 8th  Resource  Mrs. Megan Pacelli - Email 
7th  Resource    Mrs. Katie Smith - Email

7th Grade Staff
7A   Mr. Dan Bachman Email  
7B   Mr. Brian DeSutter  -  Email
7C   Mrs. Rebecca Fabish  -  Email
7D   Mrs. Becca Barth  -  Email
7E   Mrs. Kelly Hardesty  -  Email

 8th Grade Staff
8A   Mr. Josh Ringle  -  Email
8B   Mrs. Joelle Youngman  -  Email
8C   Mrs. Teri Brandt  -  Email
8D   Mr. Brett Lawless  -  Email
8E   Miss Cathy Coleman  -  Email

Title I  Mrs. Kristy Floyd  -  Email

4-8 Computers  Ms. Tammy Little -  Email

General Music & Choir   Mrs. Lynn Randolph  -  Email

Band  Miss Ashley Stewart  -  Email

4-8 Physical Education  
Athletic Director
- Mrs. Alisha Morrow  -  Email
PE - Mr. Grant Uftring  -  Email
Health - Mr. Eric Joop  -  Email

4-8 Library  Mrs. Sara Wait - Email

Speech Therapists
Mrs. Heidi Cornwell  -  Email
Mrs. Joelle Elmore  -  Email
Mrs. Bridget Buysee  -  Email

District ELL Teacher
Mrs. Anne Sporrer - Email






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